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SCI Connects Podcast

SCI Connects podcast offers informative and entertaining discussions on life with Spinal Cord Injury. We explore life with spinal cord injury; connecting brain, body, and community. Join hosts Paul, Dan, Barry, Delynne, Wendy, and Mary-Jo, all people living with SCI as they discuss topics such as caregivers, mental health, leisure, and sexuality. At the end of every episode Mary-Jo, our certified expert, will guide a themed mindfulness session related to that topic. The hosts are part of a team of trained peer health coaches brought together by a research project through the University of Toronto. Whether you are a person living with spinal cord injury or a related physical disability, a friend, family member, or caregiver, this podcast will share insights into the ups and downs that go along with the journey and give you ideas that will help you stay healthy and connected.